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Tuesday, January 1st, 2013

Herbert's Place

I have long sung the praises of German Motor Car, an independent Benz-only shop in Santa Monica.

I have a lot of respect for Herbert, the guy who runs the place, and evidently some of his customers with budgets a bit higher than my $12,000 feel the same way.

Here's a cool original SL convertible, a 190SL, I believe. I don't know much about this model other than that it's got a four-cylinder engine and it's pretty slow. Looks sexy though.

And now for the main event: the 500 Benz and a well-preserved W140 sedan! Also, a silver 300SL Gullwing. Just hanging out in Herbert's parking lot.

You know, you've got some options as a car shopper: get a brand-new Kia and hang out in the service lot with other Kias...get an old Benz and hang out with Gullwings...

By the way, that Wikipedia article mentions an all-aluminum 300SL (29 made...ever) that sold at an Arizona auction for $4.62 million. It was a California car.

Herbert serviced that one, too.

Forget the 300SL in the first photo, incidentally; it's not silver, so it's probably not worth very much.

Anyway, you should really stop by Herbert's shop if you've got a Benz that needs some TLC, if only to hear him diagnose a vexing problem and exclaim in his faded German accent, "Ah, shit!"

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