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Thursday, March 14th, 2013

Back to Cali

Got not one, but two black German drop-tops in the stable this week, I am pleased to report—and naturally, this '50s Edition Beetle with 170 horsepower costs about twice as much as the 500 Benz.

In other news, the latter is about to receive its first real mechanical repair since I bought it nine months ago.

Long story short (don't worry, the long version's coming soon), I got separate opinions on the issue—a slightly lumpy idle in Park/Neutral; no problem in Reverse/Drive—from two different garages today in the OC. I ended up going with the second one (MB Elite), for reasons that are also coming soon, even though the first one (Pacific Coast Benz) had the advantage of being next door to a British-car garage with a couple real live Lotus Esprits out front, among other "astonishing" oddities.

Pacific Coast Benz also happens to be around the corner from Newport Beach Lamborghini. Which is across the street from a strip mall with a Target and a Panera. You know you're in the OC when...

First time I'd seen the 500 Benz's motor denuded, I'm somewhat ashamed to say. Here the MB Elite guys are resetting the transmission's adaptive values, which they did for free before they even knew I'd be coming back tomorrow. My mission now is to flat-foot it for the next 30 days and make that thing's electronic brain go wild.

Hopefully I'll have a glowing report about the rough-idle fix tomorrow night. Stay tuned.

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