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Saturday, February 16th, 2013

Puerto Rico Day 5: Adios!

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That's what DeAndre Jordan thinks about all this Puerto Rico stuff, perhaps echoing the sentiments of some of you Benzitos out there.

So how about you all just watch the Day 5 video below, take a deep breath, and brace yourselves for a renewed onslaught of often-daily content that's at least tangentially related to the 500 Benz.

Running commentary, per usual:

0:01—As previously noted, it's a 2011, not a 2013. In my defense, I was writing a 2013 Mustang review around the time I edited this video. Or a 2013 something review.

0:19—As you'll see if you follow the YouTube link, I had to acknowledge that I used "third-party content." It's Shakira's fault. Google has apparently devised a method of scanning videos for copyrighted material (it's gotta be the text, right? my mind would be blown if it were audio-based), but of the four songs I explicitly labeled in the video, only "She Wolf" got noticed. No indication yet that anything inconvenient will come of my "acknowledgement." I mean, I would hope not; we do a pretty good job with that song, if I do say so myself.

3:07—That cliff wall on the right was considerably more interesting in person. Don't worry, this segment ends in, uh, 27 seconds.

3:36—Point being, there seems to be some genuine grassroots pro-U.S. sentiment around Puerto Rico. Says a guy who was there for five days...but I did keep getting this impression.

3:50—If you're losing interest, focus! Something weird's about to happen!

4:58—Massive on-ramp pothole notwithstanding ("Heyyy!" she says), Puerto Rico's highway system is really quite impressive by Caribbean standards. They can definitely thank Uncle Sam for that one.

5:30—I say "inexplicable," but charitably, perhaps they saw me bearing down on them in my big bad Mustang at whatever mph and got scared.

7:17—Camera on the hood! Camera on the hood!

7:55—And the dancing begins.

So that was Puerto Rico.

Back to authentic 500Benzlife in the next post, I'm not even kidding.

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