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Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

500 Benz V8 Ignition: The Video

As a prelude to the 500E post, here's the 500 Benz's M119 V8 starting up after sitting overnight, a.k.a. two hot minutes of hand-built German engineering porn.

I think that whirring noise is a smog pump or something; whatever it is, I really enjoy that it's the background music every time I pull out of the garage.

You may also notice that the engine doesn't appear to be vibrating at all. As a longtime driver of "putt-putt-putt-putt" Honda fours, I find this striking. That's a 15-year-old engine right there, with what my mechanic says are the original motor mounts, and if you pressed mute, you wouldn't even know the thing was on.

Someone else with an M119 V8 noticed this as well. Here's the water-glass test:

I'm not sure how impressive this is by current standards—my guess is that a lot of new engines in 2013 would pass this test.

But V8s that were born in the 1990s? Not so much.

You go, Mr. M119.

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