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Sunday, January 13th, 2013

500 Benz Malibu Style: The Video

So after the photo shoot, I put the camera on a tripod and shot some barely legal video footage of the 500 Benz.

Then I threw together my first YouTube video using a random editing program I found, and the results are weird for multiple reasons.

1. Obviously, the song at the end is past its prime. Here is my defense: it was October when I made the video...the "Gangnam Style" video (in case you are not among the one-billion-plus who have already viewed it) features a Benz SLK convertible that is considerably less dignified than the 500 Benz but a Benz nonetheless...and most importantly, I was a very early adopter of this song—so early that the mp3 was only available on some shady Korean website for like two bucks—so I feel like I am an author of its virality rather than a passive recipient, and thus have the luxury of continuing to use it indefinitely without losing cool points.

2. The floating words possibly require clarification. In brief, the point is that the engine is incredibly quiet at idle but sounds like a deranged prehistoric Schwarzwaldian leviathan when you give it the spurs.

3. There's a hair or something in the center-left area of the frame. It got into my camera somehow, and as of this writing I haven't figured out how to edit stuff like that out of videos.

I think that covers the weirdness, but let me know if I missed something, and I'll try to clarify.

In any case, I do love those full-throttle noises.

P.S. Older versions of Internet Explorer don't seem to appreciate the combination of YouTube's embed code and my convertToParas function. I might try to figure this out someday, but meanwhile, all six of you clowns who haven't updated your terrible Microsoft browsers in five years can view the video here. FTFY

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