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Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

Emergency Surgery

Who says winter driving in LA isn't dangerous?

High winds have strewn the streets with palm fronds as of late, and things got real when I inadvertently ran over one in the 500 Benz while ogling a neat house.

A sound that I'd euphemistically describe as "the hiss of Thanatos" began soon thereafter. It was coming from the front of the car, right where I'd run over the palm frond.

Coinkydink? Oh, I thought not.

Yikes! That's not an OEM mounting. Time for some scissors.

And evidently the hand of Thanatos. Except that approach didn't work out so well. Fortunately, like any red-blooded American male...

...I have an exceptionally sharp lockback hunting knife with my name embossed on it. Boom. German plastic, meet American metal. See top photo for the end result.

By the by, I discovered while I was under there that something similar had apparently happened on the other side before I bought the car, because the same flap over there had been excised with somewhat less precision. I'm not one of those Benz fanatics who are always quoting part numbers, but whatever that part is, it clearly wasn't made with harsh LA winters in mind.

Live and learn.

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